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Urbanism and Infrastructure Retrofits

Article discussing radical urban densification projects in Helsinki and Tampere is now available in my co-author Timo Hämäläinen's blog: http://urbanfinland.com/2014/10/21/city-of-boulevards-or-city-of-malls-u... Originally, the text was published in "Project Baltia", a Saint Petersburg based journal that focusses on urbanity and urban architecture in the Baltic Sea Region. 

Tampere Townscape Committee active

Tampere Townscape Committee (in Finnish: Kaupunkikuvatoimikunta) has been active since 2010. I was invited to join the Committee in 2013. In the rapidly growing city, the importance of a voluntary, independent and expert-driven forum that aims to improve the quality of public space and urban architecture is clear. In short time, the Townscape Committee has shown that a critical and constructive debate and benchmarking before applying the building permission is an efficient way to add value and ensure excellent result.

Lehtovuori and team discuss Bronze Soldier in ULD XI

On May 10, Panu Lehtovuori, Andres Kurg, Martina Schwab and Siri Ermert will present a paper on the Bronze Soldier case in the annual Urban and Landscapa Days in Tallinn. See conference programme amd keynotes: http://www.artun.ee/x/uld/

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