Archive: May 2014

TUT Architecture invited to facilitate Tampere city vision process

TUT School of Architecture and Tampere University's Regional Science team will facilitate a novel participatory vsion process for Tampere city centre. It's starting point is the Eteläpuisto competition, published in May 19, 2014. Our team will invite focus groups and do city walks (gåtur) to ...

Urban activism in YLE Radio 1

YLE Radio 1 will send on Monday June 2 at 5.40 pm. a program about urban activism and place-based development, focussing on Vesa Peipinen and Oranssi. The programme is called "Alistumattomuuden aikalaishistoriaa" and it'll stay in YLE Areena for 30 days. Enjoy!

Lehtovuori and team discuss Bronze Soldier in ULD XI

On May 10, Panu Lehtovuori, Andres Kurg, Martina Schwab and Siri Ermert will present a paper on the Bronze Soldier case in the annual Urban and Landscapa Days in Tallinn. See conference programme amd keynotes:

School of Architecture partner in densifying Tammela in Tampere

The City of Tampere has launched an ambitious project in Tammela, an inner-city district of Tampere. The aim is launch a radical process to rethink the neighbourhood together with residents and other users. The districts' 170 housing companies will have a decisive role. School of Architecture, ...

SPIN Unit makes TEDx talk on May 9, 2014

On May 9, the SPIN Unit will present an invited talk at the TEDx
conference in Tallinn. Daniel Giovannini will offer an introduction to
interaction-based planning, and he will discuss how SPIN combines
architecture, art and science to study urban phenomena, find new planning ...